Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome to the home of undiscovered talent

Actually, the title is a quote of Squidward's from Sponge Bob. I identify with him. He is a culture starved intellectual surrounded by simple minded and more practical blue collar folk. I love the one where Squidward is teaching art school and he beats the natural talent out of Sponge Bob. I feel like if I give into the the established world of art I will lose my natural talent. I can draw almost anything I see. If I try hard enough I can make it look as good as a photograph. Yet, I do not have classical training. When I try to do it like the books say I am not nearly as good. Maybe, there way just isn't for me. I entered a juried art competition last weekend and I was given some harsh criticism. It was mostly centered around their arbitrary rules. I didn't have a dust jacket on my paintings. I don't know what that is or why it matters as to how much talent I have. If I want into their club I have to go by their rules. I'm just not sure how much of myself I'm willing to give up.